During my Rest Days in St. John’s, I managed to get down to the pier to see the Terry Fox memorial, close to the place where he dipped his artificial leg in the Atlantic to start his journey. I love the quote on the wall behind him: “I just wish people would realize that anything is possible if you try; dreams are made if people try.”

St. John’s is a beautiful city. I spent some time exploring and walking up and down the big hills, seeing the beautiful coloured houses. Most of my time was curling up in bed at the apartment we stayed at and reading Stephen King’s latest book, Joyland. I needed some time alone to unwind and process my whole summer. It feels surreal that I bicycled across the country!

We had to dismantle our bikes for the plane ride home. TR had to ship his trike separately because it was too big and expensive to go home with him on the plane.

I couldn’t wait to sleep so while we had a three-hour delay at St. John’s airport (due to thick fog), I slept!

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Updates on those we met:
* Jocelyn (Josh) from Quebec, made it to Pier 21 in Halifax in August.
* Paul and Lois made it to St. John’s in September.
* Kareem made it to Vancouver in August.
* Alex made it to Vancouver in August.
* Daniel, the guy we met at the Velorution and who was using a fixed-gear bike, made it through Lake Superior Park but just about dislocated his knee so he shipped his bike home and then hitchhiked the rest of the way across Canada.
* Lara and AK didn’t make it much further by bike after they met us. AK had an accident, when he recovered enough they flew to Vancouver.
* Joan and Mike, the motorcyclists we met in Wawa, finished their trip across Canada safely.
* Barry (from Espanola area), who was taken away by ambulance, is home and doing fine.
* Last time I checked on Adrian, Megan, and Tom from Foodride.ca, they were still travelling through the Maritimes.

Here’s the latest on us:
* BB is back in college for her second year of “environmental something or other.”
* TR is back at work.
* Now that I’ve caught up on my life, I’m editing a new project and writing the ebook on bicycling across Canada.

I often get asked if my knees are better. I stopped wearing the knee supports in Ontario; they still hurt, but it did get better. Now that I’m home, they don’t hurt at all; however, they get stiff if I sit too long. As for my claws (aka hands), they still alternate between tingling pain and no feeling. Typing is not my favourite activity at the moment.

The first day I drove my car, when I got in the car, I looked for my bicycle gloves. I guess those aren’t necessary for driving! When I got to the store I started pulling the car up on the slanted curve and then realized I’m in a car and not on a bike. Priority parking no longer works! Other than those two foibles, I believe I’ve assimilated back into “normal” society! But what is “normal”?


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