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Good News for Alzheimer’s Research

A new drug is being tested at the moment that may halt mental decline for Alzheimer's patients. It probably won't hit the market for a few years, if the testing goes well. But there is hope! Check out the article from the Telegraph....

Early onset Familial Alzheimer’s Disease

As I've mentioned in previous blog posts, early onset Alzheimer's disease (AD) is happening more often. People can start showing signs of the disease in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s. Between 1 and 5 percent of cases are early onset.

Familial Alzheimer's disease means that earlier generations of a family have had the...


Music Sparks Memories

A few months ago, Mom and I attended an Alzheimer's Café, a place where caregivers and people with the disease get together to share an evening of fun. Our local Alzheimer Society provides this event every month. This particular Café hosted a Spanish/English singer who had one of the most beautiful voices I have ever...


The Young Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s

It's still common for people to believe only the "old" get diagnosed with Alzheimer's. However, I'm reading more stories these days of younger people in their 30s being diagnosed. These stories always bring tears to my eyes because those diagnosed usually have young families — children younger than ten.

My mom just turned 72, and while...


The Bump under the Rug May Well Be a Caregiver

Guest post by Rick Lauber

We’re hearing the term “caregiving” more and more these days, but people remain resistant to accepting it. Caregiving is the act of helping and/or supporting an aging senior (whether this is a parent, friend, spouse, or partner).

Caregivers (often family members) take on increased responsibilities including moving seniors to a...


Thank You Seth Rogen!

Not long ago, Mom and I went to see the movie, The Guilt Trip. Mom is a huge Barbara Streisand fan while I'm a fan of Seth Rogen. Mom didn't always catch all the jokes due to her Alzheimer's; however, we both walked out of the theatre happy and laughing. That movie is one reason...

Mom Is Doing Well

I've had some readers ask recently how my mom is doing since I published Supporting Parents with Alzheimer's. It was a little more than two years ago when we moved Mom to Alberta. The book was written from our experience of the early days with Mom. Since then, Mom and I have done...


Tanya thanks the following people, businesses, and associations for their support: forgetmenotlogo The Alzheimer Society has been extremely helpful in providing Tanya's family with information about the disease. The Alzheimer Society hosts a monthly Alzheimer's Cafe to promote a safe environment for people...