Supporting Parents with Alzheimer’s

Alzheimers-front-coverAbout the book

Many of us are unprepared and confused about how to proceed when our parents begin to suffer the effects of old age. This confusion is amplified when faced with a diagnosis of a cognitive illness such as Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia.

If your parent has been diagnosed with a cognitive illness, Supporting Parents with Alzheimer’s will arm you with the knowledge to meet your parent’s psychological and physical needs so that he or she can continue to live comfortably and safely, without feeling like a burden.

Howe’s mother was diagnosed in 2011 with Alzheimer’s disease. Howe and her sister-in-law, Sheila Janzen, worked together as co-caregivers, learning to communicate their day shift/night shift mother care by keeping a detailed journal. Exclusive to Supporting Parents with Alzheimer’s is a technique that the author and her family called the “Alzheimer’s Planner for Caregivers.” It’s a coordination tool that will become invaluable to you, your elderly parent, and anyone else involved in caregiving. This method of documentation is a new angle on elder care.

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