Rest Day: Sunday, June 16

Packing, repacking, and more packing! Blogging, blogging, blogging. My poor fingertips are almost rubbed raw from the keyboard!
Tomorrow we embark on the rest of our epic journey! Stay tuned!

When we were in the mountains we created a list of things we’ve learned so far:

* When people say something is only ten minutes away that means two hours by bicycle.

* In the mountains, when someone says, “It’s flat for the rest of the way”; what the person really means is that it is a slow incline that never seems to stop. Mountain people believe this is flat but to prairie people on bikes it’s not!

* Every summit in the mountains is considered the “worst, highest, or longest” pass by the locals. In truth, they are all hard in their own unique ways!

* If a local bicyclist stops you and says, “The following is a beautiful ride”; this means “I’m more in shape than you and you might make it!”

* If you come across a small village that has no amenities and you ask how far the next town is, the locals will say, “The next town has amenities and it’s not that far.” This means everything will be closed by the time you get there.

* In the prairies the number one rule is…keep your mouth shut while biking unless you want to eat lots of bugs!

* The second rule in the prairies…don’t ride directly behind someone because chances are the front person will open her mouth and catch a bug and then spit hitting the person behind her. (I did this to BB on our way into Pincher Creek. Oops! Sorry!)

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  1. Tillie Howe

    So pleased to see you had some publicity….great video, thanks.
    think of you both everyday as you travel…..lots of prayer and love