Rest Day: Sunday, June 2

BB is sick of hearing this old lady complain about her knees. I’m also sick of hearing me complaining about my knees.

The day was rainy so I used a payphone to call my hubby, Darren, to see when he would be leaving Vancouver. It just so happened he was bored in Vancouver and was going home today. We decided to take the opportunity to catch a ride to Osoyoos so my knees could have another day of rest. Darren arrived around 1 p.m. BB and I were bummed as we watched the mostly downhill ride go by. The road we were missing exploring on our bikes.

The first drugstore I saw was in Keremeos was just about to close. I bought the last two knee supports and put them on right away, which seemed to remove some of the agonizing pain!

We made it to Osoyoos around 5 p.m. Darren treated us to a great motel room at the Poplars Motel on the Lake. The managers, Frank and Cindy Stadnyk, are fantastic people! The view of the beach and lake was amazing. They recommended a nice Italian restaurant, Campo Marina.


Having Darren drive us the 182 km from Manning Park Resort to Osoyoos saved us a couple of days of travel. And it gave my knees a much needed reprieve. I don’t consider this little drive cheating, and if anyone accuses us of cheating, I dare you to bike as far as we have. Just wait until you read about tomorrow’s journey.


  1. admin

    Hey Cindy & Frank,
    That was such a great view you gave us. Thank you for your great rates and friendly faces.

  2. Just wanted to wish you good riding and better weather,all and all make sure you have fun.
    Frank & Cindy poplars motel

  3. Good going. Get rested as u have a long climb ahead of u. I’m thinking we will see you on the weekend. Take care and keep safe.