Rest Day: Thursday, June 6

We woke up to camping’s version of a rooster…the crow. Every time we camp a crow wakes us up. One morning we heard a crow mimic a witch’s cackle!

Since we were awake we decided to get an early start; however, when I went to move my bike the tires wouldn’t roll. I looked down to discover my front derailer was askew and digging into my back wheel. I had my bike leaned against a picnic table the night before and while digging in my bags, the bike fell. I’m assuming that is when it got jammed.

I panicked. Of all the parts to ruin on my bike! It was early and I wasn’t thinking straight so I called Darren (my hubby), hoping he hadn’t left his parent’s place. He was ticked because he had to drive an hour out of his way to come to my rescue. If I would have been thinking clearly, I would have looked up bike shops in the area. We found one online right around the corner from us…just as Darren drove up. I have a very good husband because even though he was mad, he tried to help us fix the situation and when that didn’t work, he drove me and my bike the two minutes to get to the best repair shop we’ve come across during our journey (Wild Ways Adventure Sports — owner, Bob Dupree)!

I realized after making Darren drive out of his way how much I take him for granted. I’ve always been independent but I guess over the years I’ve learned to rely more and more on my hubby. Which is another huge discovery. So I’m a princess and I’m a little too dependent on another human being! This trip is going to help me toughen up!

BB got her brakes looked at again. Turns out that part of the problem is she doesn’t use them enough! And she’s learning that brakes do make noise! As much as I complain about my sore knees, she complains about her bike!

We booked our campsite for another night and hung out on Christina Lake. It was a nice day off!

038 042

Maybe 10 km biked around the town.

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