Rest Day: Tuesday, July 30

We got up early so we could tour Quebec city. A neighbouring campsite of women from Toronto offered to make us pancakes and coffee. Unfortunately we had to catch a cab into the city in order to make our planned meeting with Shirley Nadeau from the Chronicle-Telegraph. Our taxi driver enjoyed practicing his English. He pointed out places as we drove into the city.

Shirley interviewed us on the 19th-floor terrace of her apartment building. What a lovely view of the city. After the interview she drove us around the city and showed us the important places. It was wonderful to have a tour of the city by someone who knows it so well! (We can’t thank you enough Shirley for your insider view of such a great city!)


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After Shirley dropped us off, we toured on foot around the old city of Quebec. Wow! Breathtaking! Lovely old buildings, areas for artists to sell their work, and great spots around the city to take photos. We stopped at a bakery, and I had some of the best chocolate I’ve ever tasted!

We wanted to try a smoked meat sandwich since we heard Quebec specializes in this. Turns out the smoked meat sandwiches are greasy and not so good for us. BB pulled a move from The Exorcist and got sick on our return walk to our campsite.

It was a wonderful day off!

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  1. admin

    Hey mindy! We didn’t take the gondola. It did look fun! Miss you!

  2. Mindy

    Did you take the little gondola ride to the top of old Quebec city from the bottom part? I really enjoyed that part after a long day of walking on those cobblestones. I agree that it is beautiful there! Chris loves those smoked meat sandwiches but I agree with you, way too greasy!!! Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks here! Take care


  3. admin

    Thanks Lynne! We tried everything except the steak! We miss you!

  4. Lynne

    Great to follow your adventures. So pleased you are enjoying Quebec except for the smoke meat (not a speciality) best to try poutine, steak&frites, and croissants! Stay safe
    Lynne (Aylmer)

  5. Tillie Howe

    Enjoying reading all about your experiences, the lovely people you have met and are so helpful in so many ways. So happy for you. We all anxiously await your reports for each day. Happy Birthday Jocelyn.
    Love hugs and prayers continue.