Rest Day: Thursday, July 18

Last night some animal came under our tarp and stole our bread. BB found it a few feet away from the tent with a hole ripped into the bag. I can’t believe we didn’t hear anything. Although we went to bed late so we must have been in a deep sleep.

We haven’t had a full rest day since Winnipeg, so today is the day to enjoy (and get some chores done). We left our bikes with the mechanics at the Velorution for a tune up.

TR gave us a tour of the area so we could pick up supplies. Later, BB and I went to do laundry. Clean clothes mean so much these days. It’s funny how our lives have been stripped down to the bare essentials and we’re still having a great time. Did you ever think this princess would say that?!

Later on another bicyclist showed up at the campsite. Daniel is a courier from Toronto and he’s riding a fixed-gear bike. In other words, he has no gears and no brakes! I can’t imagine riding a bike through the mountains without brakes or going up hills without being able to shift down. Every bicyclist we’ve met has their own unique way of riding across this country, but for me, I feel Daniel’s way is one of the bravest!

Daniel’s tent and sleeping bag were stolen in Espanola so he had to sleep under a tarp. He also had beans and rice to eat and that was it. Bryan fed him throughout the afternoon. Daniel was going to wrap his tarp around the picnic table so he could stay dry…and then the biggest baddest rain cloud appeared! The bike shop employees said we could camp under the awning if it started to rain so it was a mad dash for all of us to move our stuff before the rain began to pour. And it poured. It was a crazy lightning and thunder storm.

It was a noisy sleep due to the heavy rain pounding on the awning and a generator or some other loud machinery starting up during the night. But at least we were dry.

Daniel and Tanya

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