Rest day: Sunday, August 11

We haven’t had a rest day since Quebec city so we took the day off and slept in until 10 a.m.

Our host took us to Melmerby Beach so we were able to stick our feet in the Atlantic Ocean for the first time. The beach was lovely with white soft sand. Both of us left our phones charging at the house so we couldn’t take pictures.

We heard that the long ferry to Newfoundland ran aground so now we have to take the short ferry, which means 10 extra days of biking. Bummer! Well, maybe not, we get to see more of Newfoundland this way.

We relaxed for most of the day. I drank a bottle of yummy strawberry and rhubarb wine from PEI. I eventually got enough energy to spend two hours cleaning my filthy bike chain. The other two are both meticulous about their chains so they never have black grease on their legs. I figured it was about time I cleaned mine since I haven’t done a thorough clean at all during this trip. And my right leg is always black!

TR replaced his front tires. His buddy brought the extra tires from Alberta. TR also helped fix my brakes so they work better and he fixed BB’s front bag and set up her back light properly.

bike cleaning

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