Final Post … For Now!

Knowing that I didn’t have to wake up early and get on the road made for a great sleep! I was able to do laundry, clean out my bags, and feel relaxed this morning.

This afternoon I went to Chapters to do a book signing. The manager, Debbie, treated me like a princess! Debbie is a lovely lady who manages the nicest Chapters I’ve ever set foot in. It’s a beautiful big store that is well-organized and the staff are extremely nice. Thank you to the Chapters employee, Ed, for setting up the table and getting me a tasty hot chocolate from Starbucks. Thank you St. John’s Chapters, I had a great time at your store!

Shirley, from the local Alzheimer’s Society, came in to welcome me to St. John’s. That was a lovely surprise!

Also, Ed Noseworthy, the gentleman I met in Terra Nova National Park, came with his wife, Daphne, and two grandchildren, Rachel and Julianne. He brought me a signed copy of his book, Issues of the Heart, which I look forward to reading on the plane ride home.

Daphne, Ed, Tanya

His grandchildren are very special. Rachel broke her leg when she was four, and received a Perler Bead Kit. She started making decorations and then selling the items to raise money for the Janeway Hospital Foundation. Her and her sister have raised $30,000 so far. Their goal is a million dollars, and I believe they’ll do it! Check out their website.

I also met Ed’s sisters, Suzanne and Peggy, and his brother-in-law (I’m so sorry, I forgot your name). It was lovely to meet Ed’s family, and one of my highlights on this trip.

I was also interviewed by Dave Squires from NTV.

Tonight we celebrated properly and got screeched in at Christian’s Bar. I kissed a frozen cod and got a certificate saying I’m an honorary member of Newfoundland! What a great way to celebrate the end of this journey.

And now, dear readers, I need a couple of rest days before flying home and returning to “reality”! Thank you for following this epic ride. Please keep in mind Alzheimer’s is running rampant throughout our country and we need to find a cure for this disease. Be compassionate and loving to those who have the disease, and to those who are caregivers. Get involved with the Alzheimer’s Society in your area.

Know that anything is possible, and anyone can bicycle across this country!

Tanya kissing the cod!

Tanya kissing the cod!


  1. Jocelyn Marcotte

    Congratulations on accomplishing your challenge. I had my doubts in BC, when we met and you were feeling pain in your knees (feeling like crushed glass inside, if I remember correctly) You even had removed your clipless pedals. Well you rebounded courageously.
    Hope that that pride and courage will last you through everyday life. When you will feel down, just bring back those feelings, knowing that nothing did stop you and nothing can, no matter how hard it may appear.
    Your really are winners and conquerors.

  2. Shirley Nadeau

    Congratulations on reaching your goal! The last stretch across Newfoundland sounds like it was really tough. Glad you got “screeched in.” You’re a true Newfie now.
    I picked up a copy of your book today at La Maison Anglaise bookstore in Quebec City. I haven’t had time to read it yet, but just looking through the index, I can see it is an excellent resource for anyone with a loved one with Alzheimer’s. I have recommended it to our local Community Centre for the local anglophone population.

    Have a safe trip home. I was very touched by your final post re your friend Luke who just passed away. It was almost as if he was waiting to see if you made it all the way before he moved on.

  3. Trudy

    So, so proud of both! Really looking forward to seeing you.

  4. Congratulations! You did so well and I am inspired by your journey.

    I look forward to hearing about whatever your next adventure may be.

  5. Yeah girls!!!!! You did it!!!!!
    We are so proud of you both, and can’t wait to read your final blogs!
    Safe trip home!!!!!
    God Bless you both!
    With our love,
    Wally & Heather