Filling the Void

I’ve been in a bit of a fog since I returned from the bike trip. It was hard me to feel normal after being on the road for three months.

In a way, life was easier bicycling across Canada. Every day, my main focus was “travel east.” Returning home meant my focus was divided into all my daily duties of paying bills, helping my mom, getting the house and yard ready for winter, editing, and writing. These are all things I enjoyed doing before the trip; however, these things overwhelmed me when I returned.

Even choosing an outfit to wear was hard because I had too many choices. On the road, I had three pairs of bike shorts to choose from, making the decision easy. There was no need for makeup or combing my hair (because I didn’t have much hair). Back in regular society, I need to be somewhat presentable! And now that my hair is growing like weeds, I actually have to try to plaster it down with gel and a fine-toothed comb! Currently, I resemble a brunette version of Rod Stewart in the ’80s!

Did I keep up with biking when I got home? I did get out on my mountain bike, which was such a nice ride after months on a touring bike. When the cold weather finally settled in, I cleaned my bikes and put them in the basement. Every now and again, I go downstairs and visit them. I long for spring when I can yet again feel the pavement under my wheels. I’m not a diehard bicyclist; I refuse to bike in the cold weather!

I finally came out of the “travel void” (as my doctor calls it) at the beginning of November. I doing some editing work. I’m also picking away at a couple of books (fiction and the bicycle book).

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