Day 9: Saturday, June 8

Before we left Glade, my father-in-law, Arnold, made us the best energy breakfast we’ve had so far on this trip! Protein smoothies with his homegrown blueberries and strawberries along with toast slathered with peanut butter and bananas!

On the way to Nelson, I hit a patch of the dreaded pea gravel! I wiped out and rolled onto the road. Luckily, no vehicles were coming! I bruised my hip. A hippie dude pulled up and asked if I was okay, which was a tad embarrassing having a stranger witness my epic wipe out!

We were excited to see Nelson on such a beautiful day. Our excitement quickly turned to disappointment when we saw the Vancouver-style crackheads trying to pick pockets on Baker Street. One freak kept circling closer and closer like a shark, eyeballing BB’s broken pannier zippers. We finally had to stop walking and just stare at the guy telling him silently to move on. He did. He wasn’t the only guy that did that during our brief time in town.

There were some nice people we met. We talked to a guy named Ed. He’d biked across the USA with his family. His wife drove an RV and him and his kids biked. It took them 39 days! That’s amazing!

On the way to the Balfour Ferry, I screamed when I thought I ran over a scorpion. It was freaky and unusual considering the Nelson area doesn’t have scorpions…at least as far as I know. BB immediately stopped to check it out. I stopped a few feat away. Little Miss Brave Farm Girl got off her bike and kicked at the dead scorpion. Then she giggled, picked it up and came running at me. Of course, I didn’t think to bike away, instead I cringed as she threw it at me. It was a scorpion, but it was a plastic toy. BB is not scared of the creepy crawlies. Every dead snake she stops to take a picture of it. Me, I keep biking. Ick!

Our timing was poor because we arrived at the Balfour Ferry 20 minutes after the ferry left. We had to wait until 6:10 for the next one. We killed time by tasting the goodies at the bakery. The great thing about travelling every day by bicycle? We can eat anything we want!

We stayed with our bikes on the deck of the ferry. It was freakin’ cold and rainy. We saw this hilarious slogan on someone’s trailer hitch thingy.


When we arrived on land, we looked at the steep hill and the increasingly heavy rain and sighed. Only five or so more kilometres until we reached my Uncle Jack and Auntie Marilyn’s house. And that is when our luck changed because Uncle Jack was waiting for us.

We had a great dinner and visit. After dinner we were treated to some time in an awesome massage chair, which helped work out some of the knots in our backs.

We travelled about 66 km.

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  1. Mindy

    OK, you didn’t mention at the wedding about the truck with “Tanya hater” on it. That is crazy hilarious!