Day 8: Friday, June 7

We were woken early by the damn crow again along with a dog barking. As soon as BB left the tent I could hear her saying, “ouch, leave me alone!” The mosquitoes love her! Which is great because they still ignore me. She’s the best insect repellent!

One my way to the bathroom I met the only other campers in the campground–Lori and Gary from Campbell River. They were up early due to the eager crow as well…and the campground owner’s dog that wouldn’t stop barking at 6 a.m.

Our fellow campers also know people who have Alzheimer’s. I’m amazed every time I talk to people about this disease because it is so prevalent yet not enough funding goes into finding a cure for it.

Bob from the bike shop suggested we take the railway trail to Castlegar. He gave us a ride up to the Paulson Bridge and from there through a rough side road to get to the trail. Bob said it was only 2% steepness as opposed to the Paulson-Blueberry Summit, which is about 5%. We were eager to avoid the summit!

This was one of the most scenic and best rides…until the end of the trail. The beginning of the trail is rough with loose dirt and rocks, but it was manageable with our road bikes. It would have been even better with a mountain bike.

There weren’t many signs to tell us where we were or which turn off roads to take so we did some guessing and managed to find our way to the end. The trail was ours except for a couple of ATV riders–locals from Castlegar. We met a couple of Germans would were mountain biking all the railway trails across BC.

There were a few tunnels, one of them (the Bulldog) was more than one kilometre — it was dark, cold, and wet. It was a little bit spooky!

The end of the trail took us two hours because it was thick, sharp railroad rocks. They were so dense we had to keep our speed fast enough not to tip our bikes, yet slow enough so we didn’t rip our tires! We were extremely sore after that bit (and cranky)! The last hours ruined our initial love of the trail.

Around 8:30 we made it to Glade and stayed with my in-laws. They had a fantastic home-cooked meal waiting for us and nice comfy beds! (Thank you Margaret, Arnold, and Granny!)

We figure we biked around 81 km.

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