Day 76: Sunday, August 25

We woke up to find big black slugs crawling on our tents. Seems fitting to have slug juice on our stuff from our last night of rogue camping!

Our last day on the road was not easy. It was overcast and chilly, there were lots of hills, and there were no places to stop for food so we were starving by the time we arrived in St. John’s. As I’ve discovered in the last month, my travelling companions are very, very grouchy when they don’t eat.

We arrived in St. John’s!!! BB and I travelled 7,200 kilometres (maybe more) by bicycle across this great big country! It seems surreal that we actually accomplished such a journey. According to TR, he travelled 8,500 kilometres (he started on Vancouver Island; although I find it hard to believe he travelled an extra 1,300 by going the island way; someone’s calculations are off).

Let me take a second to say to all the naysayers…never doubt me again when I say I’m going to do something. I also expect a few apologies from those who laughed at me when I told them I was going to make it across the country by bike!

I can see why people were concerned about me. As TR says, “Good job on accomplishing your goal. However, after seeing your clumsiness and lack of observation skills, I am surprised your still alive!” I guess I can’t be too hard on the naysayers because I can be dangerous to myself and others!

Erin, from VOCM, a St. John’s radio station, called to interview me about my journey. It was exciting to talk to her because we had just arrived at the campground!

We set up our tents in Pippy Park, which is only 4 kilometres from the waterfront. We went down to the docks at Harbourside Park and dipped our bikes in the filthy Atlantic Ocean. And then to the Yellowbelly Pub (thanks Elliott for the recommendation) for drinks and dinner to celebrate.

We were exhausted so after dinner we went back to our tents to sleep. Tomorrow we celebrate in style!

For our final day we travelled 93 km.

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