Day 74: Friday, August 23

The headwind was up to 90 kilometres today. It was a slow slog. The funny thing is Lethbridge, Newfoundland, isn’t far from where we are. Lethbridge, Alberta, is where I live and it’s a windy area as well! We didn’t do a lot of miles because of the wind being so exhausting.

We stopped for lunch and to patch BB’s tire because it went flat again. I had the best veggie burger ever at the Clode Sound Motel & Restaurant. The manager, Nellie, gave us some free peanut butter balls for the road. A tasty treat at the end of our day!

We camped at The Lakeside at Thorburn campground. It has a castle front to the entrance. It’s a very lively campground!

2013-08-24 08.11.24

Some campers came by and chatted with us. A lovely lady and her friend insisted we take $10 to celebrate at the end of our trip! Some guys who were interested in TR’s bike gave him some money as well to make sure we celebrated it right when we arrive in St. John’s!

The owner of the campground introduced himself to us and offered us the bunkhouse to stay in if it got too rainy in the night. The owner’s dad recently passed away; he had Alzheimer’s. I’m finding Newfoundland has the highest amount of people with family members who have Alzheimer’s. I wonder why that is? Someone should do a study on this.

Later, TR got drunk and began to pass out at the picnic table. BB and I attempted to drag him to his tent when he yelled, “Help! I need an adult here.” To which the next campsite replied, “There are no adults here!”

We went to bed while TR made some new friends. He joined them in the hot tub. Later he passed out with his head sticking out of his tent!

Today we travelled 48 km.

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