Day 73: Thursday, August 22

This morning we stopped by Tim Horton’s for coffee. When I was outside rummaging through my bags some ladies came over and talked to me. I gave Claudia a postcard of my book cover and she said, “You have to see this picture I have.” She went to her car and returned with a picture of her mother’s hands. They look almost identical to the picture of the hands on my book! Her mother passed away in the spring and the picture was taken by Claudia’s daughter just before she died. It’s a beautiful picture and I’m glad she shared it with me.

BB rode up two big hills with a flat tire. Having a flat and headwinds ruined her knees.

It was getting dark so we stopped at Terra Nova National Park, which was expensive. We had to pay park fees as well as camping fees. Most places in Newfoundland have been between $5 to $8 per person…this one was $40 for all three of us.

I met a fellow writer, Edgar J. Noseworthy and his wife, Daphne. He wrote Issues of the Heart. Ed’s father had Alzheimer’s so he wrote this book of poems in memory of his father. I can’t wait to pick it up from Book & Bible in St. John’s.

Today we travelled 80 km today.

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