Day 72: Wednesday, August 21

We woke up to discover a big animal dent in the grass beside TR’s tent. We figure a moose may have wandered up in the night and laid down for a rest. For a province that is overrun with these creatures, they sure are stealthy! We have yet to see one.

There were strong winds today; sometimes behind us but mostly coming from the side. TR’s recumbent trike handles it okay, but for BB and I, we had to tilt our bikes into the wind so we wouldn’t be blown into traffic. Let’s just say that’s not a fun ride.

We stayed at the Country Inn Campground in Gander. The woman gave us a deal and let us stay in the picnic shelter. It’s good to know our tents will be dry in the morning.

As I was crawling into my tent I heard a loud crash. When I popped my head out I saw BB and TR lying on the ground with all the stuff on the table strewn around them. They were soaked with tea as well. They both decided to hook their legs under the picnic table and stretch backwards; their combined weight flipped the table and as they hit the ground the table bounced back to its original position. It was like the table had dumped them!

We travelled 100 km today.

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