Day 7: Wednesday, June 5

It was hard saying good bye to Kate and Ken because they were great hosts and wonderful people! (Thanks again for the Timmy’s card and for opening your home to us!)

BB is yet again having bike issues. We bought the exact same bike but her bike seems to be a lemon along with her Axiom pannier bags. The zippers have already gone on two of the pockets. Her bad luck strikes again.

We stopped at the bike shop in Grand Forks. The grumpy owner treated us like we were invading his privacy. Personally, if I owned a business, I would be happy to have customers come through the door. He also charged me a dollar for a cloth to wipe my chain. The cloth was a piece of old clothing!

BB had the grumpy owner look at her brakes. It only took us an hour to bike to Christina Lake, but in that time her brakes became worse. For the first time my knees felt better so I was having a good day, while BB was having her first real bad day due to her bike issues.

When we got to Christina Lake, we stopped at a gas station to ask for directions to the nearest tent campground. The guy behind the counter rolled his eyes while telling me to go another five or six miles down the road.

I came out of the gas station and said to BB, “You’re not going to believe this…” explaining where the nearest campground was. A woman sitting in her vehicle heard what I said, so she came over and told us about the many campgrounds around the town. The woman introduced herself as Nola and gave us the directions to Schulli’s campground, which is right on the water. She also told us to eat at the Portly Penguin Pizza. Both excellent recommendations!

Marti, the owner of the Portly Penguin, makes homemade pizzas. She gave us free Cokes to go with our meal!


The only downside to our stay at Christina Lake: mosquitoes. I’m fairly sure the mosquitoes have a supply of steroids. They’re huge! BB has welts the size of loonies all over her body. She kind of looks like the polka-dot door!

I thought I was getting over my inner princess by agreeing to camping as opposed to finding another motel/hotel. However, BB feels this campground is still “princess” camping because the lawn is well-manicured, the bathrooms are clean and have hot water, and the view of the lake is beautiful!


Kilometres travelled today, 32.5. A great day overall!




  1. Josh (Jocelyn)

    Glad to have met you both today. Hope you have made it to Cranbrook as you had planned. Too bad I don’t know bike shops here, you need to have your bike fitted to your morphology, not new pedals. I asked some experienced riders from the area, camped next door and they said Fernie has lots of bike shops. Do get your bikes fitted. Physiotherapists who know bicycles could help too. Keep me posted, hope your knees don’t ruin your project.

  2. Hilary Kennedy

    Hi Girls!! Hilary here, from Hope. I just logged on and have enjoyed reading about your trip while sipping tea and munching on my breakfast (sorry!). I’ve been thinking about both of you since we met and am happy to read that you are moving through some of the challenges you’ve faced. It ain’t easy!! In fact you’re doing some of the most epic hills there are. Can’t wait to hear about how you make out on the Blueberry – Paulson…