Day 63: Monday, August 12

The host made us a huge breakfast and she also packed us lunch. (Thank you for everything!)

We stopped at a grocery store in New Glasgow so by the time we got going it was around noon. None of us are fast movers in the morning. During our ride, BB and TR were having water fights with their water bottles, I tried to spray them both but after I sprayed them and yelled, “See ya suckers!” I got caught in my bike trying to turn it away. After struggling for a bit and then dropping my bike, I look up to see BB smiling. She got me good with her water bottle. Lesson learned; always make sure I have a clean getaway before water attack!

Later on I was rolling at a good clip down a hill when I spot a big semi tire hogging the shoulder so I moved onto the highway and a big semi rode right beside me. I could feel the suction from being so close to the fast moving vehicle. I had about five inches between me and the truck. That gave me an adrenaline rush; it was terrifying!

It was super hot and hilly but I can’t complain because we had a great tailwind. We got to Antigonish around 5:30. I tried a McLobster from McDonald’s, which tasted good for having so little meat (and it was expensive at $8), but not long after we got to the campsite I set up in the bathroom for awhile. I wouldn’t recommend it to others. (However, the Spam McMuffin in Hawaii I would recommend!)



We travelled 80 km today.

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  1. Mindy

    Ewww! Lobster from McDonalds???? I feel gross after eating the hamburgers most of the time. You really are adventurous this summer!!