Day 62: Saturday, August 10

Social norms have been lacking for the three of us. After being on the road for so long, we forget just how dirty and sweaty we are when we enter establishments. I walked by one store clerk and she said, “ick” while waving her hand in front of her face. TR’s favourite breaker of the “normal” rules was when we stood on a street corner wringing out our socks after a bad rain storm in Quebec!

We were going to take the day off but due to the accommodations situation we decided to push on to Nova Scotia. A lady stopped us on the side road to offer us cold water and food because it was a desolate stretch of road.

TR’s friend is visiting his parents close to Scotsburn so he invited us to stay at their place. We met the friend on the road and he carried our gear in his vehicle. His parents were very welcoming and nice people. They fed us well!

We travelled 95 km plus the ferry ride, which took 75 minutes to cross the water ($20).

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