Day 61: Friday, August 9

We took the morning off so we could relax and I could catch up on my blogging. It’s so hard to keep up with it! I later regretted taking so long because in the afternoon it rained hard, which made for a cold ride. The rain began when we were inside Anna’s Restaurant, a quaint little diner with home-cooked meals in Crapaud (which means frog or toad). I made the mistake of digging through my bags to find my rain jacket when it was downpouring. My clothes got soaked.

By the time we reached Charlottetown, we looked like drenched rats. People had told us there were lots of campgrounds in and around Charlottetown. If we had a car, that would have been fine; however, having to travel another 20 kilometres in the dark and rain is not so good when travelling on bikes. We tried to get beds at the only hostel but it was booked solid. Hotels were too expensive and most were booked. We ended up renting a res room at the University of PEI. It was expensive ($70) for the small room with two single beds and a shared bathroom. TR slept on all three of our camping mattresses on the floor.

We rode around old Charlottetown looking for a place to eat. Since it was Friday night, every place had a long line. On our way to the university, we found Papa Joe’s, a restaurant the locals enjoy. By the time I finished the Goddess Burger (delicious) I was a freezing, teeth-chattering mess. I was still soaked and the 1.5 kilometres seemed like a long way to go.

When we arrived at the university, I had to dry all my clothes before I could warm up with a shower. Thankfully I had a warm comfy bed for the night!

We travelled 54 km today.

On the wall in the University of PEI.

On the wall in the University of PEI.

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