Day 60: Thursday, August 8

Yesterday TR tipped his bike and today, BB tipped over on her bike. I didn’t fall, which was a nice change!

Travelling outside Moncton was not pleasant due to poor shoulders. It eventually improved but bad roads make for a slow ride. We eventually moved on to a scenic road which took us by the water. The roads weren’t good but the traffic was minimal.

We stopped in Shediac to have lunch and check out the world’s biggest lobster! The landscape has changed from farm fields to fishermen towns. It’s beautiful!

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We arrived at Confederation Bridge around 9 p.m. We had to wait for the shuttle because bicycles aren’t allowed on the bridge. It’s a $1,500 fine if a person attempts to ride across it. We had to travel separately from TR because his three-wheel bike didn’t fit on the bike rack.

We are now in Prince Edward Island! (Note that the PEI picture was taken at the end of PEI because it was dark when we arrived.)

We travelled 108 km today.

Confederation Bridge


  1. admin

    Thanks Shelly! Say hi to your mom for us!

  2. admin

    Congrats Jocelyn (Josh)! We’re very happy to hear you made it safely! We’ll send you an email when we finish!

  3. Josh

    I was a little worried since we were without news for a while. Glad you are still going. For my part, I have arrived in Halifax this afternoon. This is the end of this journey for me. There is only Atlantic water to the east. I have only travelled one day in the rain on petit Témis. I am sorry I didn’t catch up with you, but this is not a surprise since you know it rained often.



  4. shelly

    you girls are amazing!!!!