Day 6: Tuesday, June 4

BB is slowly being eaten alive by bugs. I must be so smelly I repel the bugs!

BB didn’t sleep well last night because she kept waking up to every sound, fearful that some freak was going to break down the door to our motel room. I didn’t sleep well because every time my hand poked out of my sleeping bag I would touch the bed, which made me feel icky!

It was 28 degrees for the long ride today. Surprisingly I’m getting used to the elements and didn’t get heatstroke. Before this trip I would get heatstroke sitting in the shade at about 20 degrees!

My knees, oh how much grief they are still causing me. I raised my seat as high as I could and that didn’t help. One of BB’s friends on Facebook suggested I adjust my clips. I went one step better. I removed my shoes with clips and put on my Mizuno runners. These are the best shoes ever! My knees have now begun to correct themselves so I no longer feel like I have knives poking into them. They still hurt, but not so bad. I will never use clips again. Ever!

We stopped in Midway to have freezies, which was a nice treat on a hot day. If only we could have gone the extra few kilometres to stay in Midway last night, life would have been so much better!

In Greenwood, we stopped at the Anaconda Cafe for some of the best homemade borscht I’ve had since my Oma’s. We met the owner, Lanaya, what a lovely lady. By the way, Greenwood was voted as having the best tasting water in the world. I have to agree, it was so clean and pure. We dumped our yucky water from Rock Creek and filled our bottles and bags with this tasty elixir!


We left our motel close to noon so it was a long afternoon of wondering if we would make it to Grand Forks. The one thing about biking in the mountains is guessing when to stop and where. We pushed on and made it to Eholt Summit (1078 m) around 6:30 p.m. It was about 20 kilometres from the summit down to Grand Forks. As I was going down at high speeds I felt the need to sing ’80s power ballads. Since my iPod was lost and my iPhone refuses to let me listen to more than one song on repeat, I realize I need some music in my life. I’ve never been able to remember lyrics but as I fly down mountains I suddenly know all the lyrics to songs by Skid Row, Kiss, Motley Crue, and other great rock bands!

We arrived in Grand Forks around 7:15 p.m. We were invited to stay at our friend Luke’s mom’s place–Kate and Ken Rennette. They have a beautiful place with two horses, two donkeys, and a dog. Kate was ready for us with a lovely dinner of Greek pasta salad and bread with tzatziki sauce! After dinner we had some strong hot coffee and chatted while sitting in her picturesque backyard.


Kate is the perfect hostess and I can’t thank her enough. We were able to have baths filled with epsom salts and a nice comfy bed to rest our heads.

We feel like we are close to done our training because each mountain summit does get a little bit easier. Once my knees totally correct themselves, we’ll be good as gold. Tomorrow I’m going to replace my clip pedals with regular pedals. I can’t wait!

Today we travelled 74 km mostly uphill.


  1. admin

    That’ll be great, we’ll let ya know when we get there for sure 🙂

  2. joan and andrew

    keep up the good work!, let me know when you hit nova scotia.

  3. Trudy

    Hey you two! Sorry I missed your call today, Rick and I were fishing. I’m so proud of the both of you, sounds like you’re making good time. I’ve subscribed to your blog and also follow on twitter [a first for me!!] My heart is with you,if not my knees! Janet and I can’t wait to see you guys.
    Keep up the great work. Trudy

  4. Robin

    Wow! You guys are doing great! Proud of you…. Still wouldn’t do it myself though! Lol

  5. Tillie Howe

    You’re doing well in spite of what’s going on each day. Looking forward to you arriving at our home for a shower, clean clothing, home cooked meal and just a good nights rest.
    See you soon.
    love you lots