Day 59: Wednesday, August 7

We found a little gas station diner in Jemsburg to get breakfast. I had a feast for $5! The diner had great home-cooked meals and fresh bread. TR was so hungry he ate bacon…he’s allergic to pork. Within the hour he was regretting that as he puked on the side of the road! The day was not pleasant for him because it was hot, muggy, and there were lots of steep climbs! Because of the heat, we all had to stop every hour to hide in the trees for shade. We rode Highway 2. The shoulders are wide and smooth. It would have been a perfect ride if it wasn’t so hilly and hot!

We made it to a campsite about 10 kilometres outside Moncton. It was a freaky ride in the dark as we tried to find the place. We would have rogue camped again if it wasn’t for the desperate need for showers and laundry. It was after 1 a.m by the time we crawled into our sleeping bags.

We travelled 133 km today.

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