Day 58: Thursday, August 6, 2013

Our alarm clock this morning was a guy sneezing loudly…and a lot of sneezes. Every time he sneezed, I envisioned a cartoon of an old person with teeth that flew in and out of his mouth!

We started the day with sunshine! The downside is I’m carrying extra weight in my bags. All the zippers have broken; and with all the rain, the slugs are having the time of their lives in the pools of water in the pockets. There is nothing like putting my hand in and squishing slimy slugs first thing in the morning.

In Fredericton we stopped at a bike shop so I could get more lube for my chain. The stuff I had was a gooey mess that collected every piece of gunk off the road so my legs are always black with grease. We met Adrian, Megan, and Tom who are another trio of bicyclists crossing the country to promote a cause. Check out their site at

BB and I found it refreshing to talk to another girl about the pains of long-tour bicycling. Megan was as emotional as I was during the first few days of her journey. I’m not much of a crier in my normal life but for the first few days I cried over the good and the bad. A journey like this takes a person away from her normal comforts in life which can be overwhelming.

Later in the day we stopped at a gas station to pick up some booze for the end of the day. We found out the only liquor store was 10 kilometres of backtracking, which means 20 for riding and one hour added to our day. We have a rule: No backtracking! Fortunately, a man offered to drive two of us to the liquor store so I stayed with the bikes while TR and BB went for a ride. It sounds like it was a wild ride because the guy was a crazy driver! They were happy to return to their bikes!

We found a farmer using a tractor to cut grass in his field. TR asked if we could camp there. Charlie, the farmer, graciously allowed us to set up in his field by the water. It was a beautiful spot, although the field was filled with frogs. At least these ones didn’t chase me!

Charlie returned with his daughters and grand kids and introduced us. What a lovely family! (Thank you Charlie for letting us stay.)

There was no moonlight so we were able to eat our dinner and drink our booze under the stars. It was a nice clear night for star gazing. Nights like these make the trip worth it. The only downside was all the mosquitoes feasting on TR and BB! I love it because for me they work as good mosquito repellents!

We travelled 100 km today.

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