Day 57: Monday, August 5

Another rainy day in New Brunswick! My feet and hands look like shrivelled prunes. I’m fairly sure I’m going to get trench foot if this continues!

In the early days of this bike trip, my thumbs and index fingers were numb constantly. I had to retrain them to work properly. BB had some good laughter at me when I was putting on sunscreen because I couldn’t smear the goo on my face. Those fingers now have feeling again but my pinkies and ring fingers are now a combination of numb and tingly. I could work with that if it wasn’t for my index fingers having cracked skin from all the moisture. Writing and typing have become interesting challenges. I may need hand transplants when I get home!

We took highway 105, which was hilly and the shoulders were rough; however, having less traffic made it worth it. Even though it was raining, we managed to make the miles. There is a need in all three of us to keep moving. None of us know how we are going to be able to sit still when we return home.

We found a campground in Hawkshaw. The owner is a cranky jerk. We were pulling out our $10 bills and the owner barks, “Figure that out later or I’ll have to charge you more!” Really? Each of us pulling out a $10 bill was something to complain about? Later, TR went in the office to buy some food and the owner lectured him on anything and everything. The owner felt he had the right to tell TR how to live life since the owner had been a Navy man. Both BB and I were happy to hear that TR held back his trigger temper.

The shower was terrible. After a day in the rain, we wanted to warm up. BB was laughing as she heard me screech in my shower stall as the shower alternated between the two extremes, scalding hot or freezing cold. Her laughter stopped when she turned on her own shower!

Today we travelled 119 km.

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