Day 56: Sunday, August 4

We got off to a late start from Edmundston. We were trying to stay ahead of a rain storm all day; eventually it caught up with us. At least it was warm!

Jocelyn (Josh) from Gatineau, the gentleman we met biking in BC, emailed us. He had taken a week off at home and is now back on the road. He told us we had passed him in the last day! I love hearing from the other bicyclists we’ve met! I’m bummed we missed seeing each other so we could catch up in person!

Here’s a picture of the world’s longest covered bridge:

It was late when we arrived in Perth-Andover. I hate arriving at places in the dark because BB and I don’t have good lights on our bikes. We stayed at R E Baird Memorial Park. The couple who run the place let us stay in their camper because it was raining. It was a nice treat to be warm and dry and staying in comfortable beds for the night!

We travelled 100 km today.

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