Day 53: Thursday, August 1

I keep talking about how BB has crashed while riding so I guess I better fess up by mentioning that I constantly wipe out. It’s a daily occurrence for me to drop my bike, and most days I do fall off my bike. At least BB is in motion when she crashes. When I fall, it’s usually while I’m standing, just starting, or coming to a stop.

I was tired this morning and as I got on my bike, I somehow managed to get twisted and then tip. As I was getting up, I see TR and BB taking pictures of the event. I’m very clumsy, always have been, so I’ve learned to tuck and roll when falling. However, this time, because of a fence, I hit my arm and bruised it. It’s the colour of a blueberry and the size of a baseball. Lovely.

Right after fall

Right after fall

We found la Route Verte 8 this afternoon. It’s a dirt trail that will take us all the way to New Brunswick. The route has campsites on it with raised wooden platforms for tents, BBQs, camp stoves with chopped wood, and clean outhouses. Quebec has done a fine job for bicyclists!

Today we travelled from somewhere near La Pocatiere to somewhere on la Route Verte 8 for a total of 94 km.

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