Day 52: Wednesday, July 31

As I’ve mentioned, on this bike journey there are a lot of daily chores to do. Cleaning our bikes, getting laundry done, showering, cooking, and setting up and breaking down our campsite. I also have to fit in blogging if I’m lucky enough to have wi-fi. The reason I mention this is because sometimes I’m just so tired it’s hard for me to get everything in the blog posts.


As we near the end of our time in Quebec, the more I cherish every moment here. It is my favourite province on this journey. The people are fabulous, the food is good (except for smoked meat sandwiches), and the roads are fantastic. Many French people have apologized that their English is bad, but in all honesty, their English is always good. We feel guilty for coming to this wonderful province and not being able to even say “sorry” in French. Our French is terrible, which feels like we are disrespecting this great province. I tried learning French from grade 6 to grade 11 but I could never get my tongue to properly pronounce the words. I can read some French, but that’s it. So apologies to the people of Quebec for our ignorance of the language.

Now, on to today’s story. TR was just about run over today. A woman turned left off the road and pulled into a parking space right in front of him. He was able to turn quickly with his trike recumbent bike; whereas, if it was BB or me, we wouldn’t have been able to get out of the way fast enough. A problem with the recumbent bike is that people don’t always see it because it is so low to the ground. He has three orange flags but somehow people still miss seeing him.

Earlier in the day four guys biked by us. Close to the end of our day, they were sitting on the side of the road enjoying beers. They invited us over for beers and conversation. One of the men, Serge, biked from Vancouver to Montreal a few years ago. He had a support van, which made life easier! It was interesting talking to him because he runs a home for people with Alzheimer’s. I have been hearing about these homes in Quebec from a few people. They are specifically for people with different forms of dementia. I’ll have to read up on this more when I get home.

Serge and his friends are training for a bike trip. We’ve met a few bikers who are taking part in this. It’s at least 2000 bicyclists who get together for a seven-day ride in Quebec.

As we parted ways from the men, they gave us each a beer for the end of our day. (Thank you!)

Serge on the left

One of the guys trying to lift my bike. The gear alone is 45 pounds!

Tonight we decided to do rogue camping. We found a place filled with tall grass just off the highway. BB and I have only rogue camped once (in Manning Park), but now that we have a guy with us, it seems a lot safer to do. We drank our beers on a nearby bench and enjoyed the clear skies and nice warm weather. A great way to end a hot day.

There were a lot of lumps in the ground and TR had his pillow on one. During the night, he felt scratching under his pillow; he hit the ground and it stopped. We figure it was a mole trying to come up!

We travelled 110 km today.

2013-08-01 07.40.58


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    Thanks Shelly!

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    Sorry in French is “desole” Bless google translate!