Day 51: Monday, July 29

It was another beautiful day with tailwinds and mostly overcast. We took the Route Verte, which is a bike route to get into Quebec city. It was a nice change from the highway, with spectacular views and lovely mansions. We even saw a mansion built like the Disneyland castle. There was very little traffic as well. Most of Quebec is flat, but towards Quebec city it gets very hilly. One hill was so steep that BB actually dropped off her bike because of the incline.

When we got into the city we followed the route along the St. Lawrence River. The people are very active here, probably because of the great paths built for bicyclists and separate paths for walkers and joggers. Quebec has done many things right and this area is a good example of what cities should do to encourage people to be active. This is our favourite province so far.

We picked up a bottle of wine to celebrate since tomorrow is a day off.

TR arrived a few hours before us so he got a campsite in Levis, across the river from Quebec city. We were happy to see him again and hear about his adventures since we all parted ways. The campsite is good because it has a pool, laundry, and showers.

We travelled 130 km today.

Tanya's bicycle

Tanya’s bicycle

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