Day 50: Sunday, July 28

Collette made a wonderful big breakfast. She also gave us little bottles of maple syrup to take with us. At breakfast we met Jean-Rene and Helene who are from Quebec city. Jean-Rene is an astronomer who has written five books. One of his English language books, A Question and Answer Guide to Astronomy, I plan to buy when I return home.

It’s nice to meet a fellow writer. He summed it up best by saying, “We sure don’t make a lot of money as authors!” He’s right. A lot of people think I make money writing books, but in reality, people write because it is a calling and it isn’t profitable. Popular fiction writers such as Stephen King make money, but the rest of us, not so much!

Jean-Rene and Helene gave us directions to get into Quebec city. (Thank you, it was great to meet you!)

I think I forgot to mention that awhile ago I found a lump on the back of my knee. I asked BB to look at it in case it was a blood clot or something bad. I felt a little dumb when she said, “Ummm, that’s a muscle!” I have muscles in places I never knew I had muscles!

Riding through Trois Rivieres was not fun. The roads aren’t always great and it takes forever to get through it on a bike.

It’s hard to find campgrounds in Quebec so the first campground we found after Trois Rivieres we stopped. Our tent was in a good spot overlooking a big body of water. We were glad to get an early sleep but it was stormy so the sleep was not peaceful.

Today we travelled from Berthierville to Champlain for a total of 83 km.

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