Day 49: Saturday, July 27

Coco made us a fantastic breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast, and homemade jam. He does all his own canning, and he’s good at it. Thank you Coco! We miss you already!

We are hurting from saddle sores. We’re looking forward to having a day off soon. There is just no way to be comfortable on a bicycle for long periods of time. The heat and humidity combined with the spandex and padding makes life unbearable some days. No one ever seems to write about this stuff so we had no idea how painful things can be. I’m writing about this so other women know if they are planning a long bike tour. My best advice is to stock up on Polysporin.

We found a B&B in Berthierville. There was no camping in the area. We were lucky that Collette, at the Manoir la Tourelle, had a room for us. Some people didn’t show up so we got their room. A beautiful place, with a comfy bed to rest our weary heads.

We travelled 122 km.


  1. admin

    Hi Crystal! Day 50 mentions you! But I forgot zigzag so I’ll correct it next time I stop! You and Matt were awesome and you always have a place to stay if you ever come through Alberta!

  2. crystal

    u forgot to mention crystal and her boyfriend matt and our cute puppy zigzag!:)