Day 48: Friday, July 26

Lynne made us a wonderful breakfast, which gave us a great start to our day. (Thanks Lynne!) We rode the bike trails to the tourist info centre in Hull, just across the bridge from Parliament Hill. We got lost, eventually finding our way to our destination.

We met up with my high school friend, Judy. She brought us bagels. (Thanks Judy!) It was great to see her; it’s been more than 20 years since I last saw her in person. She still looks as young as she did in high school! I’ve missed her all these years.

Judy and Tanya

As we were maneuvering our way out of the city, we met Wayne. He’s from Ontario; however, he’s lived in Quebec for 30 years and loves it. I can see why, this province is so beautiful. The roads are great for bicyclists and the people are extremely helpful. Whenever we pull out our map, people stop and ask if we need help.

We tried Quebec poutine! Yummy! I will never be able to eat poutine anywhere else again!

We arrived in Lachute just as it was getting dark. We stopped at a store to ask where the nearest campground was. A local asked us how our trip was going so I asked him for directions. “The nearest campground is a long ways away. I have the best campground you could stay at for free. My backyard and I have a tent trailer set up.” We paused, unsure of this stranger so he added, “I have a seventeen-year-old daughter and her boyfriend are at the house. If you are worried about murderers, they’re 20 kilometres down the road, so don’t worry.” And then he laughed good-heartedly.

We followed Coco home and met his daughter, Crystal and her boyfriend Matt. Coco’s “campground” was fantastic! We had our own beds and the camper had electricity!

Coco charmed us with his good humour and laughter. He’s another favourite person we’ve met on this trip. (Thank you Coco!)

Today we travelled 140 km.

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