Day 47: Thursday, July 25

We stayed at a hotel last night. We haven’t done that since Terrace Bay so it was nice to have a princess night of long warm showers and a comfy bed to sleep in.

This morning at breakfast some people from Massachusetts were asking about our bike ride so we talked to them about Alzheimer’s disease. The woman, Pamela, told me about her sister who was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. After breakfast, we were packing up our things when I got a call from the front desk. Pamela wanted to talk to me again. She was so impressed with what we were doing that she insisted on paying for our next hotel room. I said we weren’t taking donations but she insisted. (Thank you Pamela!) When I told BB about it, we both teared up from the kindness of Pamela. We have met some wonderful people on this trip.

Country storeI met another gentleman who had just attended his uncle’s funeral. His uncle had Alzheimer’s. It’s amazing how many people are touched by this disease and yet there isn’t enough being done to find a cure for it. We found the following self-serve store on the side of the road. We stopped and picked up some mini-pies and banana jam!

After Pembroke, we decided to skip Ottawa. Since it’s BB’s birthday, I thought it would be a good gift for her to get out of Ontario. The roads get worse every day and we’ve heard Quebec has great roads for bicyclists. I was viciously attacked by a black hornet type bug while riding at 30 kilometres with no shoulder on the road. I tried to brush off the bug but it was attached to my skin, busy ripping a chunk out of my shoulder. My neck and shoulder hurt for the rest of the day. AfterBite does not work, but ice helps for this type of bite (thankfully my water bag was filled with ice).

icing bug biteThe route we took to get into Quebec didn’t have a welcome sign, and the roads were awful because the area was riddled with construction. However, as soon as we arrived in Gatineau we sighed with relief. The bike paths were paved and smooth. Shortly after we got into Quebec we stopped at an information booth to look at a map. A weird guy approached me and asked if we needed a ride to Ottawa. I looked at my bike and looked back at him and said no. “Do you want a ride to Gatineau?” I said, “No, we have bikes.” He says, “Well, suit yourself then.” And he walked away. The guy was creepy and had a creepy van. That’s one of the only times on this trip where I felt extremely uncomfortable when a stranger has approached us. I can guarantee that was a horror story waiting to happen if we had said yes.

BB found a campground by searching Google. On our way to the campground we stopped to look at the directions when a lady bicycled up to us to ask if we needed directions. Lynne, told us the campground we found was actually a camping equipment store. As we were talking she said, “You should just camp at my place.” And then she continued on with the conversation. At the end, Lynne said, “I wish there was something I could do for you.” So BB asked sweetly, “Camp at your house?” Lynne said yes.

It had to be Destiny because Lynne normally didn’t bike that way. We camped in her beautiful backyard, she let us do laundry, and made us a wonderful dinner. After dinner, she gave BB a chocolate cupcake with a candle in it for her birthday. (Thank you so much Lynne. That was one of our best stays on this journey!)

Today we travelled 129 km.

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