Day 46: Wednesday, July 24

We had a great morning with an overcast sky and another tailwind. Everything went well until early this afternoon. We were riding when a puppy came running out from a yard beside the highway. It was chasing us, which isn’t the first time on this trip we’ve been chased by a dog. It happens at least once every week, sometimes daily. However, most dogs stop at the edge of their yard or get to the road and then turn around and go home. Not this puppy.

It ran down the middle of the highway after us so BB yelled at it to go home. We couldn’t stop and take it home in case it attacked us so we pedaled faster and the dog ran faster. A semi came down the road and didn’t even bother to move over. It seemed he wanted to hit it to add points to some trucker game he was playing. At least the dog died quickly.

BB dropped her bike at the side of the road and ran back to the dog. She was going to pull it off the highway, but she was crying and having a hard time with it. A guy pulled over and pulled the dog to the side of the road. Then he rudely asked, “Haven’t you ever seen a dead animal before?” He laughed at BB because she was crying.

I said, “We just watched someone’s puppy get run over because it was chasing us.”

“Doesn’t this make you think of your own mortality? You shouldn’t be biking along this busy highway.” That’s when we walked away. There was nothing to gain in telling this guy what an ass he was being.

Just before Pembroke another guy, Mike, stopped on the side of the road and gave us directions to get into Pembroke and off the highway. He said someone got killed on the highway today, a vehicle pulled over and the person got hit. Mike’s an avid biker so he was able to give us some side road directions to get closer to Ottawa without getting killed.

We took the side road, which was a lot less traffic and so much more spacious for us. We stopped at the edge of Petawawa and Pembroke to look at the map Mike gave us and a woman came over from her house. Liz and her neighbour, Brandon, gave us directions to Arnprior, which has a tourist info booth that can help us get into Ottawa safely. Liz also had some maps of the side roads, which helps immensely. They gave us directions to motels and a grocery store as well. (Much appreciated Liz and Brandon. I wish we had time to take you up on that drink, Liz!)

At the grocery store we met Marley, an 82-year-old lady who lives in Quebec in the summer and Pembroke in the winter. When she asked what made us do this, I said, “I’ve always wanted to cross Canada by bike, and BB is the only one crazy enough to do it with me!” Marley said to BB, “I hope you stay crazy because what you’re doing is great!” Then she gave us some cookies and left.

Today we travelled 124 km.


  1. I’m sorry to hear about the dog. I would have been crying too! That’s horrible. But you guys are doing awesome.

  2. Mindy

    I don’t think I would have been able to stop myself from telling that guy he was an ass! I sorta wish I hadn’t read that. I feel sad for you both having to see that happen.