Day 45: Tuesday, July 23

Last night before I went to bed, I sat out on a big flat rock that was in the water. It was beautiful because the sky was clear and the full moon reflected off the water. I was writing in my journal, when I noticed the frogs had turned around to watch me. It was kind of creepy because every time I looked up, one of the frogs was a hop closer. It finally made its way over to my side of the rock. I don’t know why I found the little critter so creepy. When it got close, I quickly gathered my stuff and scurried away.


This morning we packed up quickly. It was windy, and guess what? It was finally a good strong tailwind! TR wanted to ride straight through with no stops to North Bay, which was about 38 kilometres away. BB and I like to stretch shortly into our ride in the morning. We arrived about a half hour after he did.

We figured TR would probably want to push on without us today because we have our own pace. He pushes hard and then deals with the pain at the end of the day. We don’t want to ruin ourselves on this trip so we take short breaks throughout each day to stretch. We also need to stop for food, whereas TR can eat while riding because of the way his bike is set up. We stopped at a gas station and that is where we decided to part ways. He wanted to do at least 200 kilometres today and we just aren’t up to that hard of a ride. TR was ready to push to make up for lost time after having his four days off at the Velorution while his tire was fixed.

We’ll miss him because he’s funny and he taught us some stuff about biking. We had a really good time riding with him and we would have never taken the Amish route if it wasn’t for him suggesting it. BB and I ran out of stories to tell each other somewhere in Manitoba so having someone new to talk to was awesome.

We had some terrible roads to deal with today. Not only is there very little shoulder, but in most areas the shoulders now are filled with rumble strips so we have to ride on the road. We went down a hill going at least 50 kilometres and at the bottom there was a quick decision to make — rumble strip or sand. We chose the rumble strip because sand would have caused a wipe out. The rumble strip was painful on the body, but at least we didn’t crash.

We made it to Deux Rivieres. We wanted an early night so we could get a good rest. We haven’t been getting enough sleep lately, which means we lack energy and we do have to start picking up the pace.

Today we travelled 144 km.

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  1. Mindy

    Braving the country by bicycle but fighting with the animals! Hilarious. First the squirrel fight, now backing away from a frog! I get it though, most of the time I love nature but every once in a while something just creeps you out.
    I miss you and I keep forgetting to text.