Day 44: Monday, July 22

I forgot to mention a few things yesterday, so here it goes…

Most motorcyclists wave at us or give us the biker sign, while others just ignore us. So far, all bikers move over on the road and give us space…until yesterday. A big fat biker who obviously doesn’t like bicyclists swiped in close to me. I figured he was trying to be the tough guy and scare me, but after sharing the road with motorhomes and logging trucks, a little Harley doesn’t scare me.

Not long after, we came to a line up of vehicles, including the ignorant motorcyclist and his buddy, stopped due to construction. We rode down the shoulder to the front of the line and as we were passing ignorant motorcyclist, we heard him complaining to his buddy about us passing them on the shoulder.
Throughout this trip the only vehicles that really scare us are motorhomes and logging trucks. Mainly the rent-a-motorhome types who probably have small cars and live in big cities. They don’t have a clue where their wheels are on the road. After this trip, I believe anyone driving a motorhome should have to have a special licence, meaning a road test before they are allowed on the road.

Yesterday was also a rough day for BB and TR. It was recommended we take an old highway to Sudbury to by-pass the awful Highway 17. The old highway was worse than the main highway due to the combination of having lots of traffic and no shoulders. The road was rough and bumpy. BB felt every bump with her bad tire and TR feels everything in his back because his trike recumbent bike is so close to the ground. After five provinces, you’d think we’d have learned not to listen to advice from non-bicyclists. People in vehicles have a different perception to what’s good and what’s bad on a bicycle.

As for today, we didn’t get as far as we wanted because we had a late start. BB had to get a new tire so we had to wait until the shop opened in Sudbury. Thankfully the shop was good and quick.

After today, I’m no longer going to mention headwinds. Dear readers, just assume we always have headwinds until I tell you otherwise. Tailwinds seem to exist in the land of mythical creatures along with dragons and unicorns.

The roads are terrible with small cracked shoulders, which makes riding rough and dangerous on the single-lane highway. I’m sick of Ontario and can’t wait to get to Quebec where I hear that province is bicycle friendly.

We found a campsite on Nipissing Lake. It’s absolutely beautiful and only cost us $8.25 each. It’s funny how the good campgrounds are almost always the least expensive. The woman who runs Big Oak Park gave us the best spot, which overlooks the lake.

Today we travelled 111 km.

2013-07-22 20.14.42

2013-07-22 20.15.11

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  1. Marcia

    Hello Ladies!!
    It’s me…Marcia….the ‘recreational photographer’ from good old Ontario!!!

    Just to let you know that you left the Agawa campground and Lake Superior at the perfect time – we had a torrential storm a couple of days after you left. It sounds like you’ve still managed to make great progress (despite all the headwinds, bumpy roads, and nasty ‘bikers’!!).

    You’re a true inspiration and it was a privilege meeting you both. I’ll be cheering you on from the sidelines and following your progress all the way!! I hope Quebec has smooth pavement and tailwinds instead of headwinds!!

    Take care you two and be safe.