Day 43: Sunday, July 21

We woke up around 7 a.m. TR was invited over to the neighbour’s campsite for coffee. When BB and I crawled out of our tent, the neigbours, Barry and his brother Rod, asked us to join them for coffee and muffins. Later we met Barry’s wife, Monique. We had some great conversations about all the places Barry and Monique have travelled over the years. It was a wonderful way to begin the day.

Unfortunately things turned poorly later as we were packing up our campsite. Barry has been sick for awhile and had to be taken to the hospital. We all felt sad that the person we were having coffee with just an hour earlier was now sick. We wish Barry well and hope he recovers quickly.

We started our day late so we found the first restaurant we could on the highway and had lunch. We met Ross, from Thunder Bay. He told us about his friend Ron who is a few days behind us riding a recumbent bike across Canada.

We got to Sudbury early in the evening and set up camp at Mills Campground. Finally a cheap campground as it only cost us $20 for the three of us. Usually the campgrounds charge us per tent or per person. Our campsite is in an old baseball field, which is fine except for the bathrooms being what seems a zillion miles away!

We only went 66 km today.

Barry and Monique's place

Barry and Monique’s place

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