Day 42: Saturday, July 20

BB and TR had mechanical issues first thing in the morning. BB had changed her back tire tube the previous evening because she has been having to fill the tire daily. A slow leak caused by a vehicle tire tread wire. Unfortunately, her tire tread has worn unevenly and with the new tube, she now feels the Bee Gees groove. We’ll have to wait until we get to Sudbury in order for her to change the tire. TR’s rack rattled loose so he had to fix that so his gear didn’t fall off while riding.

To slow us down even more, the headwinds kicked up again. BB and I were getting exhausted so we stopped to rest and then BB looked over my shoulder and said, “Look! The wind has changed! It’s a tailwind.” We hopped on our bikes and rode for all of five minutes before the wind switched back to being in front of us. All I have to say to that is, “Well played wind. You win this time.”

We found a seasonal campground (Riverside Campground) just outside Espanola. They usually don’t take overnighters but because we were on bicycles, the owner, Bob, said we could stay. He even gave us a deal. His lovely wife, Louise, let me set up my tech stuff on her deck and use her wi-fi to catch up on some of my blogging. Louise is a nurse who works in the field of geriatrics so we talked a lot about Alzheimer’s and dementia. She also showed me pictures of her first grandchild! (Thank you Louise for the tea and pastries and the wonderful conversation!)

We travelled 94 km today.


  1. admin

    Thanks Louise. We stopped by in the morning to say good bye but you weren’t home. We hope Barry is okay. Take care. And thanks again!

  2. Louise

    All the best on the remainder of your awareness journey for Alzheimer’s!! Enjoyed meeting you and chatting!!

    Take care,
    Louise ( Riversidecampgrounds, Nairn Centre, Ontario)