Day 41: Friday, July 19

Daniel, TR, BB, and I went to Tim Horton’s for breakfast to wait out the rain. Eventually, the three of us going east decided to chance the weather. Daniel was going west and since he was alone, he decided to wait until the rain stopped.

TR led us on a bike path that would take us through a park and out of the city. He mentioned it was a steep hill we’d be going down, and since it was raining heavily, I rode my brakes. TR and BB went ahead of me. When I came around a corner I saw what looked like a homeless person sprawled out on the ground. I blinked the rain out of my eyes and then realized it was BB covered in mud crawling out from under her bike. She had hit the corner and slid in the dirt, with the rain and loose rocks she had no chance to correct herself. She reinjured her elbow and hip. The same ones that just healed from the crash in Manitoba. As I said before, BB is tough and she shook it off and got back on her bike and rode the rest of the day without complaint.

After an hour or so the rain stopped so the ride became more enjoyable. The Velorution brochure suggested a side road through rural Ontario. It turned into a beautiful ride where there wasn’t much traffic and the area was filled with lovely scenery, an old graveyard, and Amish people. Yep, there was an Amish family travelling in a horse and buggy along the same road as us! I never knew Canada had any Amish. There are signs that tell drivers to watch out for the horse and buggies!

It was getting late when we arrived at Blind River for supper. We found a Chinese restaurant, the Golden Dragon, which had an all-you-could eat buffet. Outside the restaurant we met Mary Ann, a local who was picking up take out. She asked us about our trip and why we were doing it. I talked to her about Alzheimer’s and she insisted on paying for our dinner. (Thank you Mary Ann for your kindness.) It was a delicious meal after a long day.

After dinner, we rode in the dark trying to find a campground. I’m sure happy I found a new rear bright light for my bike in the Soo! We finally found a site in Algoma Mills and had to set up in the dark.

We travelled 150 km today.

Amish sign

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