Day 40: Wednesday, July 17

After we said our good byes to Colleen, we began our long trek up the final hills of Lake Superior Park. The ride began with fog that kept getting thicker as we climbed. I realized I needed a new rear light that actually gives off light that drivers can see. Even with the fog we were baking. It felt like we our wheels were rolling through molasses. BB kept checking her back tire just to make sure it wasn’t flat. It was just the muggy air holding us back.

By the time we emerged from the park we were ravenous. We found the only gas station within 65 kilometres of civilization. The manager offered to make us sandwiches, which we gratefully accepted. We also had some cold ice tea!

At Pancake Bay campground we had to fill our water bags. A lot of places, such as gas stations, throughout Ontario have signs not to drink the water, so when we find free water that’s clean, we refill. As we were biking away, BB stopped and excitedly opened her front bag. She pulled out her phone and said, “WE HAVE CELL SERVICE AGAIN!” She had received a text from her boyfriend! It was a long stretch with no cell service between here and Thunder Bay.

After the campground we found a mini-mall of sorts–The Canadian Woodcarver. We picked up some more sandwiches and a salad and hung out in the shade devouring our food. Marcia, the photographer, was shopping and saw us. She bought us new neck-cooling scarves (material filled with beads that expand and hold the cold after they are soaked in water). We were grateful for this surprise because our scarves were wearing out and not holding the cold anymore. (Thank you Marcia!)

It was late in the afternoon, but we vowed that if we made it to Sault Ste. Marie we would take a rest day tomorrow. So we kept on biking. Of course, at the end of the day there had to be a big hill 20 kilometres before the city. About half way up we had to stop and eat some trail mix just to get the energy to finish the steep climb.

Just as it was getting dark we arrived at the Velorution bike shop, which has a free campground for bicyclists. They have a free shower and wi-fi as well!

We met the only other camper there, TR, from Alberta, who had been staying in the campground since Monday waiting for his parts for his trike recumbent bicycle. It was great to see another bicyclist going east!

Today we travelled 140 km.


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