Day 39: Tuesday, July 16

This morning BB left her fritter in a bag on the table while she went to the washroom. I was trying to get the wi-fi to work when, our campsite neighbour, Joan, yelled over to me about a squirrel. I looked at the table and the little critter was ripping open BB’s fritter bag! I tried to shoo it away but it went into a fighting stance and stood its ground then began ripping the bag again. I got closer and it ran onto our bikes and around the picnic table. I’m sure we looked like an old Looney Tunes cartoon as I chased the squirrel around and around the table! Joan came over to help me shoo it away, but it didn’t go far. It was waiting for its chance to return to its sugary breakfast!

Soon after Joan and Mike left on their motorcycle ride west, we finished wrapping up our camp. We were about to eat breakfast when we heard a loud crack of thunder. I thought it would be a light rain so when BB suggested moving our gear into the spacious bathroom I said, “It’ll be fine.” It wasn’t. It poured so we ended up running our gear and bikes into the washroom and hanging out there for two hours. By the time the rain let up, our campsite along with Joan and Mike’s site was flooded. We hoped they didn’t get caught in the downpour while on the road.We had to stop at the laundry to dry our clothes before we left.

Our ride was long due to the heat and moisture. It felt like we were biking in a sauna up and down steep long hills. We got caught in another heavy rainstorm in Lake Superior Park. It was so hot, the steam created fog, which made it dangerous to bike but we were in an area where there was nowhere to stop safely so we moved on.

Later in the day, after the rain quit, we stopped at Katherine Cove just to take a break from the heat. The beach was beautiful! We met Marcia, a hobby photographer from Toronto. We had a nice chat with her before moving on to Agawa Bay campground.

The provincial campground was expensive; however, the view was beautiful. The sandy and soft pebbled beach was the perfect place to end our day eating dinner, drinking coffee, and watching the sun set over Lake Superior. I have to say, it was one of my favourite moments during this trip.

Marcia was staying in the campground so she stopped by and watched the sunset with us. We also met another nice lady, Colleen, who is a nurse who works with people who have dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Today we travelled 87 km.

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  1. Mindy

    That gave me a good laugh, picturing you fighting a squirrel for a doughnut! I am also happy to see all of your posts, that way I know you two are still safe.



    Stay strong you 2 brave girls, safe travels you are in our thoughts and prayers that you make your deadline and that the wind shifts in your favor..xxoo