Day 38: Monday, July 15

Even though we went to bed early, we had a rough sleep. It was noisy with the loud idling semis in the parking lot behind us. The highway was also noisy and we kept waking up hoping no one was trying to steal our bikes or attack us in the night. We were happy to leave White River behind.

We arrived in Wawa around 3 after a great day of biking. It was overcast and we finally had some awesome tailwinds. The little town of Wawa has really friendly people as well as stores where we could pick up decent supplies for reasonable prices.

The Wawa campsite was nice and even had a pool but we didn’t have time to use it. We had to do our chores of laundry, set up camp, work on our bikes, etc. The campground advertised free wi-fi, but as we are discovering, there really isn’t any wi-fi in this area and probably won’t be until we arrive in Sault Ste Marie.

We met a lovely couple who camped next to us. Mike and Joan are from Bedford, Nova Scotia, and they told us about all the things we can see and do out east. We are starting to feel the pressure that we have to pick up the pace if we want to make it to the East Coast before the end of August.

We travelled 103 km.

Hammer Lake

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