Day 27: Thursday, July 4

BB has her entourage of mosquitoes and I now have my own groupies. Unfortunately my following makes me feel a little like Pig-Pen from the Peanuts comic strip. Horse flies and regular flies swarm me while I’m riding, but when I stop, they back off…a little bit. I knew I was in trouble when I punched a huge horse fly and it shook it off and then buzzed straight for my face. (A sidenote to my hubby, Darren, you were right, horse flies are terrible and torture!)

We arrived in Falcon Lake around 1 p.m. and had really good pasta at Popeye’s. Good energy food! We thought we’d have a whole afternoon to relax; unfortunately, we had chores. We found a great campsite and then did some laundry (maybe some clean clothes will keep the flies away from me!) and grocery shopping.

We’re both enjoying the early morning ride much better than long afternoon rides. Hopefully we can continue to do this for the rest of the trip.

The Laundromat had a free library where I discovered a real gem: Journey Across a Continent, by David Gidmark. It’s about the author’s journey across Canada by bicycle in the mid-1970s. Even with advancements, my initial scan of the book tells me that almost 40 years later the journey is still just as wonderful and hard as it was back then!

Today we travelled 87 km.

The perfect free book!

The perfect free book!

Falcon Lake

Falcon Lake


  1. admin

    Thanks Granny!

  2. Tillie Howe

    Well done girls….I’ve read that tucking bounce dryer sheets into your pockets helps keep mosquitos away….may it will work for horseflies as well. Early a.m. starts is an excellent idea.
    Have fun….its interesting to read you blogs.
    love you