Day 26: Wednesday, July 3

We left Graeme’s around 6:30 a.m. so we could beat the heat; however, it was already muggy and at least 20 degrees. It took us about an hour and a half to get out of the city. By the time we passed the Royal Canadian Mint the temperature raised another 5 degrees and the roads had returned to dusty gravel and sand, making my temper rise. Why Manitoba can you not pave your roads into and out of cities?

We stopped at the Longitudinal Centre of Canada shortly after Winnipeg. But for some reason it doesn’t feel like the centre for us. Maybe because we still have a long ways to go, and most of that way is through Ontario!

We arrived in Richer just after lunch. The summer sun made the temperature soar to the degree of “HOT AS HELL”! This convinced us we need to turn over a new leaf by getting up earlier, travelling when it is cooler, and then stopping around lunch. This way we can get our “chores” done and enjoy some of our days in the places we stop. And we’re finally planning our route! The two procrastinators have finally stopped procrastinating!

There is a great diner in Richer that serves homemade perogies! Delicious and inexpensive!

Our campsite (Wild Oaks) was okay. There was a small pool, which was nice to dip into during the hot afternoon. The downside, lots of splashing kids. I don’t mind if kids splash and have fun, but could they please leave a little space for other people?! BB was kicked in the back by one kid. It’s bad enough that the mosquito bites are leaving bruises on her these days so another bruise was not what she needed!

Today we travelled 67 km.

Longitudinal Centre

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