Day 25: Thursday, June 27

We got off to a late start as usual! As we were riding out of Portage la Prairie we came across a large Coca-Cola can. Coke has been my end of the day routine since we began this trip. I don’t know what it is about this sweet nectar of the Gods, but at the end of the day, an ice cold Coke hits the spot.


As we were riding away from the Coke can, BB noticed my back tire was going flat. I’m going to blame the unpaved shoulders and all the goodies that are buried in the dirt, sand, and rocks. Again, why aren’t the shoulders paved going into cities in Manitoba?

We stopped by the bike shop but it had weird hours so we went to a gas station to fill up the tire. Thankfully it was a slow leak and we made it all the way to Winnipeg without any problems. That’s the first flat tire on our trip!

Because of the tailwind, we were able to make to Winnipeg within four hours. We took a beautiful ride through Assiniboine Park.

My friends, Lynn and Joan, left us a key to get into their house so we were able to shower and change into some non-biking clothes. This princess was happy to apply makeup again. I just about forgot how to do it! As for my short hair? It has a permanent three-prong mohawk due to my helmet so I have to wear a hat in public. I thought short hair was supposed to be easier to style.

We went for dinner at Red Lobster, which is where I used to work in the mid-90s. They recently updated the restaurant, which was a little disappointing for me because the renovations erased all my memory triggers. The food was still excellent! For those of you who don’t know, this is (and always has been) the busiest Red Lobster in Canada.

We had a nice evening with Lynn and Joan sharing stories. It is so nice to be back in Winnipeg. I really love this city!

We biked 85.6 km today. Now for a weekend of rest!



Milestone Accomplished: Winnipeg!

Milestone Accomplished: Winnipeg!

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