Day 24: Wednesday, June 26

Muriel made us a lovely breakfast of French toast, sausages, and fresh fruit. What a great way to begin the day! (Thank you Muriel for letting us stay with you and for the wonderful meals!)

We left early taking advantage of the cloud cover. As we travelled out of Brandon, the cloud cover turned into glaring sunshine. By 9:30 a.m. I could feel my skin sizzling. I officially have the stupidest tan lines to ever grace my skin!

Around lunch we stopped in a little diner by Carberry. We were looking for some shade but instead found the Robins Nest Motel and Cafe. The place was in the middle of nowhere yet it was busy. There was only one table left when we walked in.

As we got closer to Portage la Prairie a storm began to chase us. The clouds are amazing in the prairie sky…and extremely menacing when trying to escape stormy ones! We got caught in the downpour about 30 kilometres from Portage la Prairie. The rain was welcomed because we were so hot from a day in the sun.

We called a campground just outside the city to see if the campsites were rained out and how the mosquito population was. The girl said that she wasn’t sure how wet the campsites were but that they had at least two centimetres of rain the night before and some more rain today. As for the mosquitoes? To quote her, “TERRIBLE!” That made it easy for us to make the decision to get a motel room.

Of course, the last few kilometres were filled with torture yet again. Just as the last 10 kilometres into Brandon, the shoulders into Portage la Prairie were loose gravel and sand, and with the addition of rain it made it into quicksand with our narrow tires. Is there a reason why Manitoba doesn’t pave their shoulders going into cities?

We settled on going to a local hotel, which was a lot less expensive than the chain hotels/motels. We picked the Sunset Motel, which is a nice place. We met the owners’ son, Chris, who is an avid bicyclist. He wants to travel from here to the west coast by bike someday. If we can do, this young guy can definitely do it! (Go for it Chris!)

After we settled in, we went for dinner and on our way back we watched the clouds quickly move in. We got caught in the rainstorm! This is one heck of a wet summer everywhere! We’ve been lucky to stay mostly dry.

Today we travelled 130 kilometres with great tailwinds (finally)!

Pictures just can't show the full amount of agony shoulders like this cause a bicyclist!

Pictures just can’t show the full amount of agony shoulders like this cause a bicyclist!

Shoulder of the road.

Shoulder of the road.


  1. admin

    Glad to hear you’ve made it through the wind and prairies! Now onto better and more beautiful views! The race is on to Sault Ste Marie!

  2. Josh (Jocelyn)

    Congratulations, you must have made it into Winnipeg before me. I am travelling South from you, therefore my destination was Morris today. Moved south to Grand Forks to pass Lake Superior from the South. We may meet again in Sault Ste Marie?
    My wishes: Good roads, good weather, nice people on the road and off and not so many mosquitoes.