Day 22: Monday, June 24

Not a cloud graced the sky today. No amount of sunscreen can protect our skin!

We are closer to my favourite Canadian city…Winnipeg! The downside? The bugs have steadily increased with each kilometre we travel. One crafty bug went straight into my mouth and hit the back of throat causing an instant gag reflex!

I damn near killed BB later in the day as we were arriving in Virden. I was about to say something to BB when a hard-shelled bug flew inside my mouth, rattling against my teeth before hitting the inside of my cheek. Instantly I began spitting to my left and wobbling all over the road. BB was tailgating me so her front tire caught my back tire. She couldn’t get her feet out of her clips so she went down hard. Her elbow got road rash along with her hip. I thought her elbow was broken due to the swelling. That chick is tough because that was a bad crash. We got a hotel for the night so BB could ice her elbow. It didn’t hurt to have a pool and hot tub to soak in as well.

Today we travelled 66 km.

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