Day 21: Sunday, June 23

We had a fabulous breakfast at Banbury House and then we were on the road. Today was a great day to travel because it was overcast.

It rained just as we arrived in Moosomin. We camped at Fieldstone Campground and RV Resort. It would have been perfect if it wasn’t for the mosquitoes lining up to attack BB! They were like little vampires on a feeding frenzy…and that was after she had applied two layers of bug spray! And when they couldn’t get any more blood from BB they moved on to me!

We hid in the laundry room so we could have a break from the constant attacks. Sonia, the manager of the campground, came in to say goodnight and we ended up talking with her for at least an hour or so. What an interesting lady. She lives life for the journey and she doesn’t let anything hold her back. Material things don’t mean a lot to her; instead, meeting people and travelling to different places is her priority. She believes in living outside the box. A truly inspiring lady!

Today we travelled 124 km.

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