Day 20: Saturday, June 22

We stopped at Wal-Mart so that BB could get a light shirt to cover her arms. She has a heat rash that isn’t improving. As I was waiting outside with our bikes, some weird lady walks by yelling and swearing at me saying I’m an idiot for biking in the rain. It was sunny. I made the mistake of giving her eye contact and she was about to say something else, so I quickly looked down at my phone as if I was texting someone. She got the hint and walked away. I was thrilled when we left Regina behind us!

The roads improved after Regina and the tailwinds finally arrived! It was a good day to travel to Wolseley, which was the last B&B that was booked for us by Auntie Lorita! (Thanks again for making our trek through Saskatchewan tolerable!)

The Banbury House Inn is beautiful and the cook, Dee, makes fantastic meals! The owner upgraded us to the Sunset Room because the room booked wasn’t ready for us. It was definitely a night of luxury and comfort!

Today we travelled 99 kilometres.

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